The emotion of crisis can harm us in the long term. Here we consider how reframing, nature and coaching can help

We are facing a number of major crises in the world.

The ‘climate crisis’, the ‘biodiversity crisis’, the ‘mental health crisis’ and so on. As in all crises, emotional responses are naturally heightened, and we tend to respond in a ‘flight or fight’ way, or ignore it altogether.

None of these responses are healthy over the long term, and as nature therapist Nadine Andrews points out in her recent blog, we are likely to be in emergency response for a long time.

There are impacts of holding onto – or suppressing – stress and anxiety. Heightened cortisol, the stress hormone, increases likelihood of death – in one study up to five times.

So, as Andrews says, we need a community and societal response to these ‘crises’ so we can lean into and deal with these emotions…and the need for a reframing of the language.

Coaching outdoors in nature offers the potential for double benefit – not only has positive, solutions-focused coaching been shown to reduce anxiety, but nature is also good medicine.

Why not get in touch for a free discovery call, and we can see where it takes us.

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