Alone, together. In this time of Covid-19 we benefit more than ever from time in nature, and from coaching. Here’s how.

In this time of Covid19, how could we achieve greater closeness and connectedness, whilst observing the need to physically distance ourselves from others?

Retreat is a natural protective response to threat, anxiety and fear are normal reactions to the uncertainty in our lives. We should lean into that, not ignore it, but listen to what it is telling us.

Then there is an opportunity to reach beyond this reaction, and respond with openness. I’ve seen it this week.

  • In one example, a video ‘open space’ for fellow coaches was a welcome opportunity to share anxieties, but also the many things we have reason to be grateful for.
  • In another, I have found that video calls have opened up a new world of discovery about my colleagues. Where they live, what their houses are like, whether they have kids, cats or dogs. Human stuff.
  • And I’ve seen many examples of people caring for the vulnerable in new and inspiring ways – checking on elderly neighbours, phoning sick relatives for support.

Our coaching work often takes place in natural green spaces. A local park, seaside, riverbank or nature reserve. If you live near Brighton we can do that face to face. But ‘Alone, Together’ coaching is something we practice too – coach and client connected by headphones, both in their own green space, working remotely but still benefiting from being outside in nature.

If you’d like to try it – for free in a discovery call – get in touch.

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