Here comes the RAIN again

Is the front in the photograph coming towards you, or retreating? Regardless, here’s a mini self-coach you can do using a tool from the ICF for working through anxiety.

Recognise. Are you alive to the anxiety or stress you might be feeling at the moment? Where is it showing up in your body? What emotions are attached? What if you named them?

Acknowledge and accept this present state. Your reaction, whatever it is, is part of you. Be kind to your reaction, it’s OK. What are you accepting?

Invite. Invite some observations and actions. What do you need now? How would that help you? What could you do? What would friends or family suggest in addition?

Non-attachment. Our thoughts, emotions, feelings – they don’t define you, they are just an expression in the moment. You have a choice and the power to decide what you act on, and what you don’t. What new things are being recognised right now?

And why not do this reflect outdoors in nature – a refuge in times of crisis.

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