Spring forward! The seasons provide powerful metaphors for building our awareness of who we are, and who we might become

The seasons provide powerful metaphors for nature based coaching. As the Brits prepare to set our clocks forwards for spring, what does springtime offer for some self-coaching on life?

Consider this passage from written by Buddhist priest Kenko nearly 700 years ago.

The changing of the seasons is deeply moving in its every manifestation. People seem to agree that autumn is the best season to appreciate the beauty of things. That may well be true, but the sights of spring are even more exhilarating. The cries of the birds gradually take on a peculiarly springlike quality, and in the gentle sunlight the bushes begin to sprout along the fences. Then, as spring deepens, mists spread over the landscape and the cherry blossoms seem ready to open, only for steady rains and winds to scatter them precipitously. The heart is subject to incessant pangs of emotion as the young leaves are growing out.

The ‘Tsurezuregusa of Kenko’ 1330-1332

Take the opportunity to get out into nature if you can – woodlands are coming alive with bluebells, wood anemone and ramsons; orchids are emerging from meadows; park trees are budding and shooting. Nature reserves are open and waiting for you.

Here is some self-coaching as you sit quietly and take nature in:

  • Notice shoots, light greens, breeding bird song, insects. Warmer sun and quieter winds.
  • What is awakening in you?
  • Where are these feelings occurring in you?
  • What positive meaning can you attach to your internal ‘springtime’?
  • What wants to happen?

If you want to go beyond self-coaching and accelerate your progress with a thinking partner from The Natural Coaching Company, give us a shout.

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