We desperately need a green recovery – this is what we are doing to help

There is widespread support for a Green Recovery from Covid-19. But how is our coaching work helping? How can coaching play a part in helping the world move on from COVID-19 in a way which accelerates our response to the climate emergency?

Here are three ways.

1Focusing on growing leadership capability and impact in the health, sustainability and social enterprise sectors. We will need the best leaders, working at their best, if we are to deliver a green recovery. Coaching is a powerful tool we should be using, and we should be measuring its impact.

At The Natural Coaching Company we measure the benefit of our work with before and after questionnaires. Our evidence shows a 42% reduction in negative affect between the beginning and the end of the coaching; and 100% of clients felt the coaching benefited them either a lot, or very much. Whilst this isn’t an equivocal demonstration of increased leadership capability, the connection between positivity, happiness and performance we infer there is an impact.

2Harnessing nature in our work. There are many benefits of coaching with nature – not least by building relationships with the environment that in turn increase our motivation to act for the planet. The work can be done face to face (with social distancing), or ‘together alone’ – where coach and client are connected virtually in separate green spaces.

The science is clear that time in nature is good for our health. Research from University of Derby and others shows that nature connected people are up to twice as likely to take action that improves the environment. And we think more clearly and are more creative outdoors. It’s a win-win-win.

3Buying carbon credits in a way which delivers social and environmental change. Carbon offsetting is controversial, but we donate 2% of all coaching fees to independently verified ‘Gold Standard’ projects – each donation saving at least 1 tonne of carbon and delivering other social and environmental benefits.

The average person in the UK uses over 8 tonnes of Carbon per year – though we should first prioritise using less energy, and ensure renewable generation, purchasing carbon credits is an additional step. Gold Standard projects are independently verified in terms of their carbon savings and contribution to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. One client recently donated $24, which purchased 2 tonnes of carbon credits, delivered cleaner, safer water in Cambodia, and met 5 UN goals.

How are you contributing to the green recovery? We’d love to hear from you.

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