What is nature-based coaching? We recently revealed a definition that can help clients and coaches create personal transformation and ignite action for the planet as well as ourselves

At our recent webinar in association with the Climate Coaching Alliance, we offered a definition for nature-based coaching.

Nature-based coaching enables people to respond to global and individual crises. By connecting people to the natural world, it transforms their capacity and capability to be their best selves, and ignites action for people and planet.

This definition effectively puts the planet – and our global crises – into a coaching practice that can otherwise focus exclusively on us as individuals. Rather boldly, we offered that nature-based coaching was a tool to change the world.

There is a considerable weight of evidence behind these assertions. But in the end the proof is in the experience of the client, the coach, those we interact with, and the action that results.

If you think you might benefit as a leader from thinking about yourself in context of the natural world around you, then get in touch. We can help you grow.

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