Nature-based coaching webinar reveals some of the ways that working with the natural environment is good for us – as coaches and clients – and good for the planet too.

Our recent webinar with the Climate Coaching Alliance revealed some of the ways that coaching can work in partnership with nature.

The first two installments can be watched now on this page, or on Vimeo for free.

Part 1 – The nature crisis

In this part we offer a working definition of nature-based coaching, and position this way of working with reference to the global biodiversity crisis.

Nature-based coaching – why, what and how (Part 1 of 5)

Our offer is that nature-based coaching is a tool to change the world. By connecting people to the natural world, it transforms their capacity and capability to be their best selves, and ignites action for people and planet.

part 2 – the nature of coaching

In this part we ask the question ‘how is coaching compatible with a nature-based approach?’.

We draw on just three examples to make this point – psychological safety, metaphor and creative thinking.

Nature-based coaching – why, what and how (Part 2 of 5)

We will be releasing further episodes in the coming days – watch this space!


  • 68% UK Wildlife lost since 1970 –
  • 33% global species at risk of extinction –
  • 30% Americans lack access to a local park –



  • Nature as parent and therefore of the possibility for nature to offer emotional regulation, maximising positive and minimising negative mood states. Martin Jordan (2014) Nature and Therapy
  • 3 of 6 most used source domains for metaphor are ‘more than human’ – Zoltan Kövecses (2010) Metaphor – a practical introduction
  • Just 25 minutes in nature can activate the default mode network – Aspinall et al (2015) The urban brain: analysing outdoor physical activity with mobile EEG. British Journal of Sports Medicine

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