The final part of our nature-based coaching webinar includes a mindfulness and centring practice called ‘Sensurround’, that can be used to increase connection with nature – driving wellbeing and pro-conservation behaviour

The Human Nature Partnership have developed a series of ‘Being in Nature’ practices that can be used to boost wellbeing, and foster a greater connection with nature.

The research shows that those who connect to nature more deeply, and more often, have higher life satisfaction and are more likely to take action for the environment.

Final part of our Nature-based coaching webinar – Being in Nature

Nature-based coaching – the why, what and how (5 of 5)

The final part of our webinar included a centring practice called ‘Sensurround’. Using a dawn chorus recording, we take the listener through a mindfulness practice, enveloped by birdsong. The practice is backed by science. Birdsong and other natural sounds activate our ‘default mode network’ – increasing our ability to think creatively and imaginatively. These sounds promote relaxation, and have other benefits.

You can find out more for yourself by requesting a copy of our ‘Sensurround’ Being in Nature practice. Get in touch with The Human Nature Partnership and you’ll be sent one for free.

If you missed the other parts of the webinar, you can watch them on our showcase below, or catch up here.

Why not book a free discovery call with us, and find out how coaching might benefit you.

Nature-based coaching – the why, what and how
Research from nature-based coaching part 5 – ‘Being in Nature’

A positive feedback loop has been demonstrated – people who have a higher degree of connectedness to nature report greater pro-environmental behaviour. Alcock et al (2020) Associations between pro-environmental behaviour and neighbourhood nature, nature visit frequency and nature appreciation: Evidence from a nationally representative survey in England. Environment International.

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