Nature shows us that when it comes to changing our minds and bodies, there’s no silver bullet

Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet to creating lasting change…just small actions adding up over time.

I found this flint on the beach, together with it’s companion – a small, hard piece of stone that fit perfectly into the hole. Little by little, tide by tide, grinding away a perfectly smooth and round tunnel. With light at the end of it.

Silver bullets are so tempting. Get in shape in 2 weeks! Reinvent your business in 10 days! Make a million dollars in a month!*

The truth is less sexy, though Aristotle had a go:

“You are what you repeatedly do. Excellence is not a singular act but a habit.’

Some questions might be:

  • what are you choosing to do?
  • what might increase your awareness of other options?
  • now what are you choosing to do?
  • what will the value be?
  • how committed are you?
  • how can you make it stick?

Then you are on the way to making lasting changes.

Why not book a free discovery call with us, and find out how coaching might benefit you.

*Yes, these are real examples.

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