Signpost to a brighter future – how coaching can help plan for a 2021 that takes you where you want to go.

As 2021 approaches, it’s a great time to reflect on the year past – all its many bad points, as well as the good – and recharge batteries for next year. Like the signpost in the photo, we’re all moving ahead, but where to?

Coaching is a fantastic tool for the job of visioning our futures, filling in the blanks, and putting a route map together.

What do you want the next 12 months to mean for you, and your teams? What do you want to become? How could you activate your potential, so you can make an even bigger difference?

If you coach with The Natural Coaching Company, we can do this work outdoors wherever you live…connected by phone, but in our own local favourite green space. This offers great added benefits over traditional coaching.

For example:

  1. We all think more clearly when outside. In fact, just 25 minutes outdoors is enough to unlock our creativity and improve our ability to solve problems.
  2. We can explore a rich array of metaphors. Visioning and planning work can be really rewarding outdoors – using natural signs and markers, and metaphors such as changes with seasons.
  3. We can build your confidence. Study after study shows the wellbeing benefits of time in nature, including boosting self-esteem, enabling us to think bigger, bolder and braver.

Why not book a free discovery call, and we can see where it takes us.

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