Booking now – the science of nature and health, what coaches need to know

More and more coaches are including nature in their work, and finding out there are real benefits for themselves and their clients.

Our webinar ‘The science of nature and health, what coaches need to know’ takes place on 22 July at 1800 BST/UTC+1, and does what it says on the tin.

Led by James Farrell, an accredited coach and Chartered Environmentalist, the session will address questions including:

  • What do coaches need to know about partnering with nature?
  • What are the scientific benefits of connecting with the environment around us?
  • How might a nature coaching practice be good for the planet, as well as coach and client?

You will take away:

  • An understanding of the models for the human-nature relationship
  • An improved awareness of the scientific benefits of time with nature
  • A map that shows how coaching competencies relate to nature connection pathways
  • A ‘Being in nature’ practice you can use to build your own connection to nature

The event follows on from successful webinars on nature coaching and nature connection, which received excellent feedback.

Thank you, James, for the beautiful experience!

Thank you! wonderful presentation.

I’ve learnt so much and have met some amazing people.

You have been very generous with your knowledge and experience

Nature coaching webinar participants

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