About us

change yourself, change the world

James Farrell leads The Natural Coaching Company. He cares deeply about the challenges leaders face and knows that coaching helps leaders overcome these challenges.

James believes in partnering with nature as well as the client. Evidence shows that connecting to nature enhances happiness, life satisfaction and wellbeing, and encourages pro-environmental behaviour.

Our coaching enables clients to think more freely, explore powerful metaphors and create new perspectives. It can ignite action for your, your organisation and the planet.

our services

We provide one-to-one coaching which can be done remotely or face to face.

We provide accredited training on nature coaching, nature connection, and the science that leaders and coaches should know about health, nature and happiness.

We provide resources including our forthcoming book, ‘Being in Nature’.

our expertise

James is an Associate Certified Coach and Chartered Environmentalist. He is an experienced leader, having worked in executive management, business management, operations, partnership and policy.

He is also Founding Partner at The Human Nature Partnership, works at a Government agency, and likes nothing better than swimming, surfing, or walking in nature.