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Do you want to feel more positive and clearer about the future? Do you want to be able to lead with greater impact, and make an even bigger difference? We all have challenges, insecurities, unhelpful habits and hidden beliefs and assumptions that threaten our potential. Coaching with us can address what is holding you back, so you grow faster.

Our clients range from executives to people at earlier stages of their careers. No coaching experience is necessary, just a willingness to look deep inside yourself for answers.

About James FARRELL

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James Farrell leads The Natural Coaching Company. He cares deeply about the challenges leaders face, and knows that coaching helps overcome them.

James also believes passionately in the human connection with the natural world. By bringing this philosophy into coaching, clients can think more freely, explore powerful metaphors, create new perspectives, and ignite action for themselves, their organisation and the planet.

James has worked in a wide variety of roles – including executive management, business management, operations, partnership and policy. He knows how tough and rewarding leadership can be. He is an accredited coach and Chartered Environmentalist, with a number of complementary qualifications including certificates in the Science of Happiness and Lean Thinking and Practice, and a Masters Degree in Nature Conservation.

He is also Founding Partner at The Human Nature Partnership, Founder and Chair of Brighton & Hove Building Green, and works at a Government agency.

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