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‘Being in Nature – 20 Practices to help you flourish in a busy world’ By James Farrell & Lee Evans

Being in Nature - 20 practices to help you flourish in a busy world
‘Being in Nature’ – available as as book, e-book and postcard set

Find a deeper sense of calm and wellbeing with our unique pocket guide – available as a book, deluxe postcard set, or e-book.

I love how you have drawn from nature in this way, the guide really is beautiful.

Gillian, Associate Certified Coach

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Unlock the benefits of the great outdoors with this set of simple, science-based practices

‘Being in Nature’ includes 20 practices. Each is inspired by a wild plant or animal, and accompanied by beautiful vintage illustrations.

It’s amazing how simple the practices are and how powerful!

Gosia, Leadership and Team Coach

There are explanations of the science underpinning the practices, and examples of what we can each do to look after the planet.

Using this book little and often could benefit your health, wellbeing and relationships – and inspire you to protect the natural world

Science shows that nature connected people have higher life satisfaction, greater self-esteem, happiness and wellbeing, and stronger relationships to others.

The practice gave me a real feeling of wellbeing and heightened my senses.

Alison, Divisional Director, Savills

Reserve your copy now, using the form on our sister site, The Human Nature Partnership.

About the authors

‘Being in Nature’ was written by James Farrell and Lee Evans – founding partners in The Human Nature Partnership.

two men in woodland smiling
Lee Evans (left) and James Farrell (right)

James Farrell’s connection to nature began in early childhood. What started with hunting for spiders in walls on the way to school, continued with a career in nature conservation and the environment. James has managed a Shetland Isle, studied birds in Borneo, and led environmental policy, partnerships and programmes across England. He is an accredited coach and environmentalist.

Lee Evans is a national expert in green architecture and nature connected organisations, and the founder of two innovative, award-winning greening businesses. Lee divides his time between the seaside and his canal boat, ‘The Wild Goose’, and has a particular love of the Scottish highlands.

Proper, mindful, contentment. I need more of it!

Jenny, Regional Director, The Woodland Trust