James listened carefully and skilfully guided me to define some simple actions and outcomes I could focus on. I’m amazed at how much we achieved in just a few 1-hour sessions.

Richard, Team Leader

Our first session involved a walk with nature – taking me away from the pressures of everyday business life really helped me think about what is important to me.  Since we started on this journey I have been able to make some tricky career decisions with a  lot more clarity.

Alice, Head of Marketing

What I really liked about James’ style of coaching was his natural ability to connect with you, making it an easy journey where experimenting with thoughts is allowed and not always in a confined space of an office.

Andreea, Job Plus Coach

James – you are a wonderful coach. You worked with me in a very gentle and sensitive way, which was what I needed. I really felt you partnered with me…I found the whole process very insightful.

Nickie, Learning and Development Partner

I found my sessions very constructive and highly recommend James. He is very intuitive, all while moving me along positively, opening my thinking up – with a recognition that our answers are within.

Ciara, Sustainability and Climate Change professional

I have felt James’ loyal partnership all the way through our sessions. He shows mutual respect and understanding while challenging you as a client, ensuring that learning and action taking are triggered and inspired…I can see where I am going now.

Woman in pink dress

Anca, Communications professional

Through James, I found a thinking partner who helped me to not only overcome my limiting beliefs, but also understand what I needed to do to fully realise my potential.

Photo of woman smiling

Mazvita, Business Manager

James helped me to develop my self-confidence, which also helped me identify my leadership qualities. His genuine approach is an inspiration!

Mark, Senior policy advisor